1500 Brother Vietnam Members Joining The Team-Building In Ha Long

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1500 Brother Vietnam Members Joining The Team-Building In Ha Long

Brother Vietnam is a branch of Brother Singapore from the International Group Brother Japan - a top brand in supplying high quality product for the printing, labeling and embroidery market.


Vietnam Events (a member of HoaBinh Groups) is proud to be a part of this wonderful and meaningful tour to Ha Long beach with the member of Brother Vietnam.



Three o’clock in the morning, our staff member from VietNam Events has started this journey by travelling from Hanoi to the Brother Factory at the Phuc Dien – Hai Duong industrial area to pick up our lovely 1500 guesses. Despite of the rain on the way, the spirit of the whole group has shown how excited they are.


By the time they arrived, every thing has been set up and ready for the program. 2 stages area with the latest sound system and 32 young and enthusiastic tour guides of ours definitely will shake up the atmosphere in the beach.


Right now at the two stages, circles are being created by joining hands. Leave everthing behind: old or young, man or woman, one division to another; at this very moment: WE ARE A FAMILY.


Let’s start with some lightly games to heat up the atmosphere


Giving their teammates a good massage for warming up


Teams are being formed in order to start our Team Building Challenge. Each of them has their of characteristic but we can all feel their will of winning. 


The first part of this exciting Team Building Challenge is the game Capture the Flag with its name is “Stun”

Just like its name, right from the start, every members of each team has already had to pull their best to be the fastest one in order to bring back flags to their team.


Speed break through


Ran as fast as they can


After the first game which required high endurance, teams started their second game which is more of a skill and team work game than the first one – “2 as 1”


The two must have a really deep connection


In every move


In every direction


So the ball won’t fall into the sand


The depth of understanding and trust between teammates has been shown during the game “Trust your teammates”. Our girls have to be fast, have to be flexible, have to believe in order to “fly on their teammates” like this.

Despite of having a little fear


But the best thing to do is to trust the teammates that they won’t let go


The race slowly met its endgame with “A Million Circle”. Maybe after everything each team has been through since the beginning, they started to have a deeper understanding of each other and as a result, their teamwork has really improved. “A Million Circle” seems a lot easier with each individual trying their best in order to bring the victory to their team.


In the end, every team has found their own way to the ultimate goal of GLORY.






Leave all the difficulties and challenges behind, by the end of the journey, all we saw were happiness and smiles among everyone’s face.


Vietnam Events is proud to help creating such a big connection to all the members of the firm Brother Vietnam, promising a deeper connection between members with the hope of increasing work efficiency in the up coming year for the whole company.


After an all-out morning, the group had a wonderful lunch at three famous restaurants in Ha Long: Vietnam Restaurant, Thang Long Star Restaurant and Ha Long Gold Restaurant – enjoying the unique and wonderful cusine of the beautiful tourism city.




The excitement keeps on spreading


Let’s re-visit our lovely and enthusiastic MC along with the staff of Vietnam Events who did their best on this journey of 1500 members from Brother Vietnam.







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