Annual Scientific Congress of Vietnam Society of Anesthesiologist 2018

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Annual Scientific Congress of Vietnam Society of Anesthesiologist 2018

It has been a pleasure for VietNam Events to continue as the organizer of the “Annual scientific congress of Vietnam Society of Anesthesiologist 2018” in the beautiful city of Nha Trang in two days (September 23-24th of 2018). More than 1000 members from Vietnam Society of Anesthesiologist and leading professors in the area have participated.



Every year, this congress is held in order to mark every step in the growth of the Vietnamese’s Anesthesiologist Branch and also to share new and more effective ideas in the field of anesthesia, anesthetize, pain relieving and recovery after operation.



Four pre-congress workshops and five thematic about anesthesia, recovery, anesthetize – pain relief, obstetrical and organ transplantation included in nearly a hundred reports by the professors from America, France, Belgium, Israel, Canada, Korea, Thailand, Singapore and Philippine in associate with Vietnamese professors provided latest and helpful information to all-across Vietnam Anesthesia Doctor.


The congress was a success and ended with an impressive Gala Dinner at Champa Island.



VietNam Events (a member of HoaBinh Group) is proud to be a part of the congress’s success.


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