Bring authentic Italian wines to Vietnamese consumers

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Bring authentic Italian wines to Vietnamese consumers

On 8th March 2017 at Melia Hanoi Hotel, there were 65 famous Italian wine companies came to Vietnam on a journey of Italian Wine Festival 2017 in order to bring the most exquisite of Italian Wines to Vietnamese consumers. Having a speech at festival, Italian Ambassador in Vietnam, Cecilia stated that in the past, Italian learned how to make wine by the Greeks and made Italian wine become the top wine in the world with high quality, creativity  as well as new standard for wine.



Ambassador Cecilia Piccioni said that Thanks to the experience, Italian have turned wine elegant cuisine not only within Italy but also worldwide. With tradition and experience of wine making that make Italian wine to become the most unique products in the world and have strong position in global market. There is no one can underestimate the taste of Italian wine while enjoying the food displayed on the table. She can talk for hours about the perfect taste of Italian wine.


With a new detailed schedule that includes a lot of fun activities about Italian wines such as wine tasting, wine tutorial, etc. The 2017 Italian Wine Festival offers Vietnamese producers the opportunity to explore the potential market for Italian wines. The wine-tasting program continues to showcase more than 200 types of wines led by Gambero Rosso's best wine testers. The basic curriculum framework includes rigorous, carefully selected, and used by Vini d'Italia for decades. Each year this book evaluates over 40,000 types of wine.


The show is attended by 65 famous Italian wineries namely Allegri-ni, Gaja, Tenuta San Guido and Masi. Manufacturers play a leading role in overcoming cultural barriers, language barriers and differences in taste across countries. Italian wines have been expanding to achieve even more success.



Appreciating the potential of the Vietnamese market, Attorney for Trade and Economic Affairs (Embassy of Italy in Vietnam) Antonio Castellano states that although there was no real wine, the wine market in Vietnam was growing quickly. Along with some activities such as holidays, travel, giving wine as a gift becomes very trendy. For Italian wines, they were trying to enhance their presence in the Vietnamese market. Good quality Italian wines are introduced here today. Currently we have three Italian wine importers in Vietnam. 


The Director of Viet-IT Wines Import Pier Paolo Demaestri said that this festival introduces wines to everyone here, in restaurants and five-star hotels, hopefully they will have a chance to grow well in the future. This is the goal of events like this. When they introduce wine, people come here and have knowledge about several types of Italian wines.


According to statistics, there were increases in the number of imported wine in Vietnam by 20% in the past few years, despite of economic difficulties. Italy is the country where Vietnam imports most of wine. Vietnam is being targeted by many Italian wine companies, which is considered as best wine consuming market in Asia with a growth rate of 10% per year. This area is well-known for its fine wines and food sensitivity, as the majority of its population is focused on products origin and respect for environmental balance.


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