British Queen Elizabeth II And Things To Know

As you know, anyone who travels abroad needs a passport because it is the main tool for identifying owner information and only works when migrating and immigrating the country in which you are granted. However, the only person in the world who can now travel everywhere without a passport or other personal identification is the current British Queen Elizabeth II.

The special reason is that these papers were made on behalf of her. The first page of the British passport also states: "On behalf of the Queen of the United Kingdom, the Foreign Secretary allows the holder to travel freely without obstruction and receive full support when necessary ". Because of this, she was the only one who did not need a driver's license although she had a passion for driving when she was 19 and was reportedly photographed over the years with the iconic image of the Queen driving the Range. Rover.

In addition, the Queen is also known worldwide with two birthdays. The queen was born on April 21, 1926, but her birthday was officially united in June. This is a tradition in England dating from the 18th century. Due to the influence of the weather, the Royal Family Want to celebrate the queen's birthday in June to avoid the cold of April. The Queen's birthday present will be held together with the Trooping the Color parade annually and this year will be on June 17th in UK.

Recently, British people in Vietnam also celebrated Queen Elizabeth II's 91st birthday celebration in Saigon on June 6th and June 8th in Hanoi. VietnamEvents is very honored to be chosen as the organizer of this solemn celebration for many years. This is not only a chance for the British to meet with their peers, but also to remember the nation's esteemed queen.

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