Digital Banners & Widescreens

Create the great visual experience for event

Attract your guests the moment when they step through the door with impressive visual displays using VietnamEvents’ range of Hex Panels, Digital Banners and Widescreens.


Re-imagining stage sets with Hex Panels, dynamic Digital Banners and Widescreens

Provide a feast for the eyes with elaborate digital projections

With the use of our Hex Panels, Digital Banners and Widescreens, striking stage backdrops and themed content projections will be created by VietnamEvents that go above and beyond your guests ‘expectations. Start to re-imagine showcasing your multimedia content, since your messaging and image concepts will be truly moved up to a whole new level.


Set design using Hex Panels: New Angles, New Perspective

Create an interlocking stage set for an impressive delivery of your visual content

The newest trend in set design of VietnamEvents is hexagonal panels. The genius in its design lies in our ability to continuously project across the whole set and blends different content into individual panels concurrently. This flexibility in content projection creates this the perfect set design element for corporate events and conferences through to gala dinners and awards nights.
They are also ideal for sponsor loops, corporate branding, backdrops, projections via multiple screens, and static graphic or animated content. 


Set design using Digital Banners

Digital Banners are unique way of screen configuration

VietnamEvents can make masterpieces through split screening, and designing displays that are truly outstanding. By blending digital banners into the stage set design or displaying them along the venue walls, we can really cover your event’s theme and messaging.
They are ideal for sponsor loops, corporate branding, backdrops, projections via multiple screens, and static graphic or animated content.


Set Design using Widescreens

Create a living landscape with Widescreens

Your event can be taken beyond its four walls by Widescreens; they are big canvases which take guests to a flourishing garden, to a football stadium, to a casino. Adding a cinematic experience to your stage set design for maximum impact and ensuring your content is displayed the best way possible, from complex to simple- every element via visual projections can be encapsulated by Widescreens.


Combining Digital Banners & Widescreens for maximum impact

Get the best of both for your event

Digital Banners and Widescreens go hand-in-hand perfectly. The flexibility in screen configuration which is combined with our custom projection means that the best digital displays can ben achieve for your event. Your event will be designed by our event directors and AV technicians to make sure that your message is delivered with the most impact.


Partner with the audio visual and leading event experts

Let VietnamEvents’ expert production team design a flourishing digital display

Our experiences team of designers and AV technicians will work together to improve your event’s layout by offering remarkable projection displays. Through Digital Banners and Widescreens, your message can be presented through imaginative and contemporary ways.

With VietnamEvents, you will never walk alone. We will stand by your side from developing to your idea. Right down to last minute changes on show day. This mind-set is what helps us attain our proven track record for producing memorable brand experiences, what sets us apart from other audio visual providers.



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