Event Theming & Styling

The heart of every event is Event theming and styling. It is the vision that technical, digital and design create. Great style is endless and persuasive. Allow your imagination with wonderful event theming and styling. 


Event Styling is more than a look.

It is where creativity and technology collide.

Styling consists of everything which you can see, hear, smell, taste and touch. The whole event experience from the design of the central stage, the ceiling installations, table centerpieces, bar station, media walls down to the temperature of the room…and that’s just the part of the styling.

With respect to event themes, you can be assured that VietnamEvents will make it become original, but still bespoke to your event. At VietnamEvents, since styling is the heart of every event, our stylists will work with you to build an unforgettable event experience for all attendees. 


How event styling can transform your event

Immerse your guests with creative event theming and styling.


Event theming and styling carries on a number of levels and your key messages are supported. Besides, the change between a day conference and an evening gala dinner is burned. The senses are stimulated in a way that will stay in your memory long after the event is over. In addition, great styling is made for showing off. Creating a social media buzz with one-of-a-kind photo opportunities and combining closely your company branding. Therefore, you can gather all of the content to promote your next event! Great event styling opens up unbelievable possibilities.

Whether your event is a product launch, conference, gala dinner or your wedding, VietnamEvents’ stylists will make it become unforgettable. 


Simple styling for corporate events 

VietnamEvents provides flexible styling solutions for all events.

While all events are believed need styling and theming, VietnamEvents understands that it does not all require a total style overhaul. Having delivered countless conferences and other corporate events, our stylists also provide a range of simple styling solutions that connect some colors to your event without going overboard. Whether you are after a simple floral centerpiece arrangement for a corporate breakfast or a fully styled gala dinner, we also have the ideas, experience and services to deliver. 



Partner with the best stylists

We take event styling seriously!  With nearly 10 years experience, VietnamEvents knows accurately what will work best for your event. From the design of the stage, down to the color of your napkin, everything your senses can be understood and designed to suit your bespoke theme. With lots of event professionals, including some of the best stylists in the worldwide, you can have the confidence that your event will look remarkable. 



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