Grand Opening Ceremony of Hanoi Housing Office and Company

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  • Venues and catering
  • Audio visual requirements
  • Staging and theming
  • Branded signage
  • Customised flags and banners
  • Branded staff uniforms
  • Promotional gifts and items


  • Pre and post event marketing
  • Media liaison and logistics
  • Media materials and press kits
  • Media room requirements
  • Photography and videography
  • VIP and celebrity management
  • Stunts and surprises


Grand Opening Ceremony of Hanoi Housing Office and Company

On December 9th, the event company, VietnamEvents organized the launching ceremony for Hanoi Housing Real Estate Agent.


Currently, there are more than 320,000 foreigners living and working in Vietnam, mainly in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Hanoi Housing was established to help foreigners in Hanoi find an ideal place to live, work and explore Hanoi.


At the event, VietnamEvents offered:


- Opening ceremony stage: Consultant, design and backdrop, red carpet construction, stage decoration.


- Outdoor sound stage system: At the venue of the opening ceremony with the narrow facade, VietnamEvents will provide a simple stage sound system, reasonable layout to create comfortable space for attendees.


- Equipment for tea break: VietnamEvents supplies high-quality tables and chairs for opening ceremonies, theme decorations on request, panel columns and area fencing, and tea break menu with many packages at reasonable prices.


The opening ceremony is a ritual that signals a real beginning after a preparatory process, also a ritual marking, a new development, a new hope for business people. VietnamEvents would like to wish Hanoi Housing more successful in the new year 2018.


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