How to choose the best event lighting company ?


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Enjoy tailored lighting solutions operated by Vietnam Events experienced lighting technicians. We specialize in lighting for corporate events and using the latest technology, our experienced team will find the perfect solution for your event and stage lighting needs.


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Vietnam Events has been paving the way for event lighting design across Vietnam since 2008. We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing the very best lighting service for our clients and their events. For us, it's not about turning on a switch, it's about sparking a partnership with our clients that results in a perfectly customized lighting design that maximizes impact and creates an unforgettable atmosphere.

As the largest event services provider in Vietnam, we are your one-stop-shop for all your event lighting needs. 


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At Vietnam Events, we believe smart lighting design is fundamental for every event - from large conferences, styled gala dinners and interactive exhibitions down to small meetings and everything in between. We have extensive knowledge in using creative lighting design to transform spaces to match your theme, brand or even to go from conference to gala. Our in-house lighting designers are always looking for creative and innovative ways to tell a brand message and coupled with the experience and dedication of our production team - your options are limitless. 


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With over 10 years’ experience in delivering the best lighting solutions for live events across nation, Vietnam Events has the technical know-how and experience to ensure your message is delivered with the best impact.
Regardless of the size or location of your event, our extensive range of lighting solutions feature something to suit every occasion. Some common lighting services we offer, are:
Our partnership approach to event production means you benefit from the many years of experience our teams have acquired. We add value to your event by knowing what is required to achieve your objectives and can provide a complete solution that combines the very best in AV, staging, styling, multimedia and event technology to make your event shine.


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Experience is key when it comes to delivering live events. Vietnam Events takes great pride in partnering with brands to deliver some of the biggest and most technically demanding corporate events across the nation. Our experienced lighting operators are some of the best in the business, making us the preferred event production company for renowned local and international customers. Our extensive experience means we can deliver the best lighting solutions to match your brief, meeting any architectural elements of your venue and craft a truly unique lighting display.

How to choose the best event lighting company ?

Despite those may believe, impressive lighting design is an important part of your event atmosphere. The common mistake many event professionals make is viewing lighting as simply an embellishment that doesn’t play an important role in the event’s performance. The truth is, creative lighting solutions for events can be the perfect for guiding your audience’s attention, presenting information, and transforming the location. We give you a list of reasons why you need to choose an event lighting company,  what is the best one for your event when it comes to using light.    
Why do you need high-quality lighting services at your event?
With modern tech-driven solutions like 3D effects and VR, event managers have everything they need to wow the audience with their lighting equipment. But this is not limited to a wow effect only. Here are the 5 incredible benefits of using high-quality lighting at your events:
- Put a spotlight on the presenter. Through the management lighting controller, you can direct the attention of your audience to the current speaker.
- Project a corporate logo on venue walls. Use gobos to strengthen your marketing efforts. This is the best way to raise awareness about a company or to advertise your sponsor’s signage in a creative way.
- Display products through projection mapping. Through moving graphics and animation, you can bring variety of objects to life at the event. This is a great solution for exhibition or trade show organizer.
- Create a light show. If you don’t know how to entertain your audience, lighting performance can be rescue
- Mix sound and light. By aligning special sound effects with lights, you can get the effect of an interactive venue space.
How to choose lighting equipment for your event
Many event planners might be unsure about is how to pick equipment that will be the right match. Here are a few simple tips on how to achieve ideal lighting effects at your event:
It must be relevant. Imagine you attend a product launch event. Your goal is to understand more about the new solution that might be useful for your business. Suddenly, the only thing you can concentrate on is the colourful beams of light on your face. When choosing your equipment, don’t forget that lighting should support the mission of an event.
Appreciate connections. If you’ve cooperated with reliable event agencies before, you could get some valuable recommendations from them. A consultation with experienced event lighting company is always a good idea at the equipment selection stage in event planning.
Consider about human factor. It’s very likely that 70-year-old guests won’t be happy with bright FX lights.
For younger, you can keep them wired through the use of 3D projection mapping. Always think about the h your event is catering to.
Ensure it doesn’t get out of control. Once you have the equipment, set up a good control mechanism. Whether the natural light is changing or attendees are getting distracted by bright beams, there should be a good way to get illumination customized.
An efficient event lighting company is really helpful to organize events. With the strategic use of illumination, advanced light and sound techniques, and a strong mechanism of control, you can manage events and create great effects. 
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