Impressive Apricot Technology Talkshow 2017

On February 27, at the Sheraton Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City, Apricot Apnic 2017, the largest information technology forum in Asia and the Pacific, was organized on a large scale by VietnamEvents and left a good impression on the participants.

This is a forum for application technology with the task of creating opportunities for businesses, organizations and individuals in the field of information technology and the Internet to learn and share experiences and skills from experts. , With the goal of developing internet infrastructure in the region.

With the participation of more than 550 delegates, including the world's leading engineers, including 92 delegates from the Vietnamese Internet community, the Forum has brought practical results for knowledge enhancement, Transfer technology and strengthens domestic network security.

This is anunique event, so VietnamEvents has arranged the space very logical and scientifically create a space of intelligence and utility. Not only the wide stage area, luxury chairs, but also the display area of information technology products from domestic and foreign enterprises.

We have professional design team specializing in art design. Therefore, not only banner system, backdrop is designed to print beautifully, but the whole space is decorated very impressive and monumental featuring Vietnam characters.

VietnamEvents also supply professional sound and lighting system. These are modern, high quality equipments that can meet the needs of both large events. As a result, VietnamEvents always have very unique sound and light schemes.

With the participation of many members from many countries, we have provided a system of interpreter headphone, multi-language sounding cabinets to help smooth the conference, break language barrier.

In addition, VietnamEvents has brought a lot of exciting entertainment from the famous dance company, making the program attractive. On the other hand, after the program is the great party that we provide has left a good impression, and introduced to international guests unique Vietnamese cuisine.

Not only that, many traditional Vietnamese gifts such as to he, letter calligraphy, traditional hat... also attracted the large number of guests.
Come with VietnamEvents, you will enjoy the excellent service at a cost savings. The success of each customer is our pride.


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