Teambuilding and Outing

VietnamEvents is proud of its rich 15-years experience, helping us to maximize effective returns for your Vietnam teambuilding programs. We operate highly professional, motivating, and entertaining activities both indoors and outdoors. We are expert in preparing rich program content designed to not only deliver a fun-filled activity but more importantly, to achieve the change that you are targeting to.

Our professional team of consultants and experts has been trained on the most effective teambuilding methods, allowing us to tailor your exercises with meticulous care and absolute perfection. We have created various Vietnam teambuilding exercises to meet any teambuilding request such as indoor, outdoor, corporate, multinational, adventure, entertainment, women’s, men’s, and family.

We offer extraordinary teambuilding challenges that require people to explore creative solutions, practice and improve while working as a team – in a fun and spirited atmosphere. Our Corporate Games offer the widest range of team building activities and facilitating options. At VietnamEvents, we make sure that the activities are set to build acquaintanceship, trust, bonding, collaboration, empowerment, encouragement, support, risk-taking, leadership, communication, and problem-solving, along with a sense of fun and adventure.

Teambuilding and Outings Services :

  • Destination and venue consultancy
  • Teambuilding ideas and concepts
  • Teambuilding planning and management
  • Program design and execution
  • Logistics arrangement
  • Preparation of trophies, mementoes
  • Professional MC (master of ceremony) and facilitators
  • Invitation of trainer and lecturers
  • Cocktail and gala dinner
  • Brochure/teambuilding documents
  • Transportation arrangement
  • Accommodation selection
  • Photography and camera Services
  • Special meet and greet services
  • Limousine arrangement for winners
  • VIPs treatment services
  • Travel program arrangement
  • Events permit clearance
  • English speaking coordinators and supporters
  • Security and escort services
  • Teambuilding activities arrangement
  • Charity program consultancy
  • Meeting and seminar arrangement
  • Secretarial Services on request
  • Charter flight/helicopter arrangement
  • Video and teleconferencing
  • Free mobile number for organizers
  • Catering services to special location
  • Lunch and dinner at special venues


1. Team building helps connect members in the group

Team Building removes the invisible boundaries that exist in each individual and helps them become acquainted to each other. By working together, we will understand each other better, get closer together. This is a difficult thing to do without a Team Building. By working together to overcome challenges, individuals will be able to improve their communication and teamwork skills.

2.  Team building increases the ability of each individual to work:

In Team Building activities, each individual is assigned a separate responsibility appropriate to their abilities. This division aims to ensure that the overall work performance of the group is achieved at the best level. Each member has the opportunity to develop his or her ability to work through the development of his knack and overcoming shortcomings.

3. Team building helps develop team work skills:

In a busy learning and working environment, we have little or no time to develop teamwork skills. But for Team Building, each individual has the opportunity to take over and show his leadership ability.

4. Team building has a long-term effect on businesses and organizations:

Team Building helps individuals discover, develop and improve their own working ability. The progress of each employee brings success to the collective work of the team. As a result, the processing time of each part will be shortened and the efficiency will be significantly improved.


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