ISAMMA 2017 the 4th International Symposium on Advanced Magnetic Materials and Application

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ISAMMA 2017 the 4th International Symposium on Advanced Magnetic Materials and Application

ISAMMA 2017 (the 4th International Symposium on Advanced Magnetic Materials and Applications - ISAMMA 2017) was held in Vietnam from December 10th to 13th, 1977 in Phu Quoc Island. - Kien Giang. Vietnam Events – an event management agency (a member of Hoabinh Group) proudly organized the logistics for this conference. 

ISAMMA 2017 Conference has attracted nearly 250 leading scientists from 10 countries including Prof. Kyung-Ho Shin - President of Asian Union of Magnetics Societies, Prof. Koki Takahashi - President of the Magnetics Society of Japan, Prof. Nikokai Perov - President of the Magnetics Society of Russian Federation and scientists from several Magnetics Societies of Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Russia and Vietnam. 



Deputy Director of VNU Nguyen Huu Duc, Chairman of the Magnetics Society of Vietnam, Head of the Steering Committee of ISAMMA 2017 conference, delivered a speech.

At the conference, scientists exchanged new research on advanced magnetic materials, the direction of application on new research from basic to new technology. With nearly 300 high quality scientific reports, ISAMMA 2017 has promoted VNU leading role in the field of basic science research and applying technologies into practice. 

Conference reporting sessions include: basic research in magnetic materials; soft and hard magnetic materials and application; materials and electronic spin components; nanostructured magnetic materials; Multifunctional magnetic; Kinetic spin and micro-magnetism; Magnetic materials and applications; Advanced Biological Electronic Spin; Technology transfer. 
Magnetism research and magnetic material are considered by physicists to be one of the most powerful developments of the last century with many great usages in life as well as in technology. Magnetic materials have appeared in almost all electronic and medical equipment, especially for creating high-tech equipment. 

Researchers also consider that magnetic technology is a hot issue for the future of high-tech industry. Magnetic material technology with practical applications such as super-strong magnet, Magnetic refrigeration non-polluting technique, energy-saving... as well as numerous applications for daily life, High-tech industries such as aerospace to quantum computers. 


International scientists attended the workshop


According to Prof. Nguyen Huu Duc, ISAMMA 2017 is not only containing the value of great science, but also marks the spirit of integration and deep cooperation between Vietnam Magnetic Society with the scientific communities over the world. This is an opportunity to promote and accelerate the research and application of magnetism to the Vietnamese industry. 


A brief history of the ISAMMA 2017 Conference 


The ISAMMA Conference was first held in Jeju, Korea, for the second time in 2010 in Sendai, Japan, for the third time in 2013 in Taichung, Taiwan. 
At the beginning, ISAMMA symposium was the International Symposium on Physics of Magnetic Materials (ISPMM) by Minoru Takahashi from Tohoku University (Japan) initiated in 1987. The ISPMM symposium was held five times later in 1992 (in Beijing, China); 1995 (in Seoul, South Korea); 1998 (in Sendai, Japan); in 2001 (in Teipei, Taiwan) and in 2005 in Singapore. 

In 2007, the ISPMM symposium was renamed into ISAMMA symposium by Migaku Takahashi (son of Professor Minoru Takahashi) hosted. 
The ISAMMA 2017 symposium is held 30 years after the first ISPMM symposium (1987) and 10 years after the first ISAMMA symposium (2007). 
For Vietnam, Prof. Nguyen Huu Duc joined the ISAMMA Steering Committee (Steering Committee) at the first ISAMMA conference in 2007. 
In the ISAMMA 2017 symposium, the 18th AUMS Council Meeting was held on December 10, 2017; The first Congress of the Vietnam Magnetic Society (the term of 2017-2022) was held on 11/12/2017; Annual Meeting of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Science: Advanced Materials and Devices was held on 12/12/2017. 
At the first Congress of the Vietnam Magnetic Society (the term of 2017-2022), delegates elected the Executive Board with 19 members from universities and institutes to members, who are are Vietnamese scientists working abroad. Deputy Director of VNU Nguyen Huu Duc was elected as president.



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