Roadshows And Sales Kick-Offs

Roadshow is one of the most popular advertising trends currently to help businesses market their products to new customers or increase sales. Roadshow is suitable for all types of products, has high effects and popular strategy with marketers. In particular, if it is successfully held, through exciting atmosphere that is created by this type of marketing, the image of the company will appear closer to people.

 However, to be able to successfully organize a roadshow is not a simple task, it requires a specific plan in many steps such as vehicle, human resources, logical route, … Therefore, not everyone or any organization can organize an impressive, unique roadshow which can attract the attention of people.

  There is no limitation to what can be done. Call Vietnam Events at + to discuss your objectives and we will provide creative, impressive and effective solutions every times.



For most businesses, the Kick Off event has an important meaning to promote the development process.

To help businesses organize this event, Vietnam Events provides the service of organizing the Kick Off Package in a professional way.

1. Kick off definition

Kick off is an English term which means to start.

This is an event that is usually held before or during a meeting / project with the purpose of starting the spirit of the staff to be ready for the upcoming project.

2. Form of kick off ceremony

Depending on the characteristics and requirements of the customers, the kick off program will be organized with different length but still ensure the opening, body and closing.

Kick off activities usually are collective games or team building programs for participants with aim to create comfort, creativity, concentration, insprire attendees.

3. When to organize Kick off?

Kick off is an open event, can be organized at many times of the year.

As the start of a new year, start the new quarter, the new month, we can organize kick off to help members of the company start a new period  more effectively. 

Here is best time to organize Kick off:

- In the early days, the company was founded.

- When businesses enter a new year with new projects.

- Before the project meetings.

- Before the enterprise will deploy the work in the new stages

- When businesses show signs of  having internal conflicts.

4. Vietnam Events - organize a professional kick off ceremony.

Vietnam Events offers the service of organizing the Kick Off Package including:

- Make a plot
- Set up stage, games
- Equipment for sound and light
- Lucky draw kits
- Event personnel



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