Outdoor lighting equipment - new solution for event managers


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Vietnam Events has been paving the way for event lighting design across Vietnam since 2008. We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing the very best lighting service for our clients and their events. For us, it's not about turning on a switch, it's about sparking a partnership with our clients that results in a perfectly customized lighting design that maximizes impact and creates an unforgettable atmosphere.

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At Vietnam Events, we believe smart lighting design is fundamental for every event - from large conferences, styled gala dinners and interactive exhibitions down to small meetings and everything in between. We have extensive knowledge in using creative lighting design to transform spaces to match your theme, brand or even to go from conference to gala. Our in-house lighting designers are always looking for creative and innovative ways to tell a brand message and coupled with the experience and dedication of our production team - your options are limitless. 


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With over 10 years’ experience in delivering the best lighting solutions for live events across nation, Vietnam Events has the technical know-how and experience to ensure your message is delivered with the best impact.
Regardless of the size or location of your event, our extensive range of lighting solutions feature something to suit every occasion. Some common lighting services we offer, are:
Our partnership approach to event production means you benefit from the many years of experience our teams have acquired. We add value to your event by knowing what is required to achieve your objectives and can provide a complete solution that combines the very best in AV, staging, styling, multimedia and event technology to make your event shine.


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Experience is key when it comes to delivering live events. Vietnam Events takes great pride in partnering with brands to deliver some of the biggest and most technically demanding corporate events across the nation. Our experienced lighting operators are some of the best in the business, making us the preferred event production company for renowned local and international customers. Our extensive experience means we can deliver the best lighting solutions to match your brief, meeting any architectural elements of your venue and craft a truly unique lighting display.

Outdoor lighting equipment - new solution for event managers

1. Advantages when having outdoor lighting equipment in general
To any event managers, outdoor lighting controller is indispensable because of its utilities. It could be really convenient when having an outdoor lighting controller because it could save your time as well as save human force you use in an event.
The latest outdoor lighting controller systems must be equipped to meet today’s growing demands for lower energy consumption and reduced costs. Fitted with occupancy sensors, a lighting controller system can help save energy by dimming the light level of streetlights not during rush hour, such as the middle of the night. Further, a sophisticated outdoor lighting controller simplifies lighting infrastructure maintenance for outdoor lighting operators, such as municipalities, by notifying the operator when a lamp fails. This saves the cost of manpower verifying in person that lamps still work. Similarly, a outdoor lighting controller can precisely measure power consumption of outdoor light poles, which increases accuracy of the utilities.
Besides the outdoor outdoor lighting you probably also have some porch lights around the house. These lights are typically placed near the entrances of the house or on the side of the house. Because these lights are hanging on your house you can make them smart really easy. It just depends on the type of light you have.
A good thing to keep in mind is the protocol you are using for the smart outdoor lighting controller. If you have smart garden lights based on the Z-Wave protocol, We really recommend to also use the Z-Wave protocol on the porch lights. This way you will get a better signal in your garden to connect those outdoor lights.
With cities today becoming smarter and smarter, operators are interested in equipping outdoor lighting controller with a growing number of capabilities that reach far beyond providing light to an area. They include:
• Parking lot management
• Speed detection
• Air quality control
• Safety monitoring
However, as outdoor lighting controller systems are equipped with greater capabilities and become integrated in smart cities, they grow more vulnerable to attacks. By protecting an outdoor lighting controller with the right security measures from the get-go, hackers are unable to manipulate lighting systems or access transmitted data.
5 Types Outdoor Lighting Controller
There are a number of options of an outdoor lighting controller with a transformer using a Smart Device. 
1. The Alliance iTimer is Bluetooth enabled and works with any outdoor lighting transformer.  It has 2 preset timer options; dusk to dawn and dusk to midnight.  With a touch of a button, programming is done!
The iTimer is a great upsell for existing lighting controller as well as new installs.  You can also use it to control Christmas Lights, Water Features, String Lights or anything meant for 120v up to 15amps.
2. The LED WiFi Smart Socket offers a simple and economical WiFi unit.  It was designed specifically for any outdoor lighting transformer and provides remote control of the entire lighting system.  Tired of getting call backs for customer timer or photocell issues?  The Smart Socket is a great solution!  It is ideal for both existing and new systems. 
3. The FX Luminaire ZD and ZDC product lines offer complete zoning and dimming capabilities, optional WiFi control, and now color creation.  This very customized system offers unsurpassed flexibility.
 FX Luxor Cube is able to zone and dim other brands of 12v or 120v light fixtures including carriage, entry pillar, and holiday or bistro lights as well as water feature pumps, automatic gates, and any item with relay input.
 FX Luxor ZD MR16 LED retrofit lamps can be zoned and dimmed.
4. The Philips/Hadco’s ZoneScape uses built in WiFi technology.  It can control up to 8 independent outdoor lighting groups (zones such as property entrance, home, property perimeter, entertainment/pool patio).  A single ZoneScape control module can control up to 4 zones using a 300w transformer.  The module connects via wireless networks and is managed by a downloadable app.
5. The Unique Lighting Light Logic Plus is a cloud based Landscape Control System that offers a convenient way to automate low voltage lighting and other landscape features. There are 3 components; LPlus Internet Gateway, Power Control Unit and Mobile Device. Light Logic Plus can be installed into a new or existing lighting system.  You have the option to control the lighting system from a mobile device, tablet, web browser or computer from virtually anywhere, anytime using a secure Internet Gateway.
Above are the introduction to some kinds of outdoor lighting controller and its advantages for you to reference. Using outdoor lighting controller is really convenient for event managers when they do not have time to adjust every lights in event due to the lack of human resources. When using outdoor lighting controller for events you can save time to to other tasks therefore you could manage event. 


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