Solemn Anniversary Of TOTO Vietnam

With professional designers and operators,VietnamEvents has successfully organized 15th anniversary of TOTO Vietnam. On the afternoon of May 15, 1977, at the national athletics stadium, the 100th anniversary of the founding of Toto in the world and the 15th anniversary of Toto Vietnam took place in a very exciting and exciting atmosphere.

The program is scheduled to begin at 17h30 but by 11am the preparation task is completed and everything is in order.
At 14h30 in front of the athletic track, there are nearly 100 big cars that are tied together to bring the Toto’s members to attend the party.
It can be said that this is an opportunity of Toto to give thanks to all members who contributed to sustainable and long term development in Vietnam.

Understanding the meaning and importance of this event, VietnamEvents - an experienced event organizer devotes a lot of energy and effort to build a grandiose and thoughtful program in every detail.

Mr Jackie Han – Director of VietnamEvents stated that with such a large venue and huge number of attendees, it was a challenge to decorate space so that it was both eye catching and convenient. However, with the designers and professional operators, VietnamEvents has brought a space that is very solemn as well as cozy.

The large stage is centered with the main 5x15 Led display. Additionally, both sides of stage are positioned smaller led screens, so everyone able to follow the track of whole program.

Behind Led screen, we hanged star canvas that create a fanciful space and connect between main stage and both sides decoration which bring to an unify, harmony.

Besides, in spite of large space up to nearly 5,000 m2, modern sound system makes the celebration exciting than ever. The sound & lighting systems are the key factors that make successful event. Therefore, VietnamEvents not only focus on the layout installation but also the staff dedicated to each device one, always monitor to adjust every steps of the program. Furthermore, the combination of high-quality LED display systems contributes to the extremely vibrant performance.

On the other hand, when it comes to every party, it is impossible not to mention the food element. With over 400 banquet tables, VietnamEvents has arranged more than 100 staff members to keep track and monitor to be able to serve effectively. Fabulous food are serve locally in hot condition and eye catching decoration which make special dinner both in sight and in taste.

Mr. Nguyen Manh Tuan, SE Director, said he felt that today's program was much elaborated and special, nice food. All the preparation tasks are thoughtful from shuttle to customer service. Especially, there were more than 200 people coming to the stage without any mess, all very formal.

There were 3 cameras captured memorable moments of customers; 2 livecam cameras help every image and message is conveyed in a clear and detailed way to each member; A flycam camera to record each of the marked memory.

We highly paid attention to the security, fire and explosion to ensure the guests safety.

On the other hand, the support from the beautiful PG team together with MC Thao Van who is famous for clever and humorous has contributed to create an unique program ever.


Mr Do DucAnh- Director of ToTo Vietnam happily said that the program today was great;VietnamEvents has conveyed all Toto key messages.  I sincerely thanks to the caring of VietnamEvents as well as the collaboration between Toto’s members and VietnamEvents
which made successful celebrations today. 

It can be said that, in order to have impressive and well prepared events that is the passion and caring of over 200 VietnamEvents members and Toto Vietnam team.
That is the common sense of anyone attended in the party today. However, behind that it were dozens members of Vietnamevents who were silent and devoted to a series of logistics.

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Tel: (84-4) 3682.29.29 Fax: (84-4) 3682.28.28
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