Some Great Ways for Your Event Marketing

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Achieving cut-through brand activation in today’s media cluttered world requires tactical event production expertise. VietnamEvents’ design and management capabilities ensure the complex strategic requirements for live brand experiences are delivered from both messaging and data viewpoints.

We provide end-to-end campaign solutions for our clients, in addition to working collaboratively with existing client/agency relationships. Our aim is to ensure that the brands we work with are brought to life through engaging activities that capture the hearts and minds of those that matter, and in turn deliver tangible results.


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Some Great Ways for Your Event Marketing

Event and Media planner, VietnamEvents is a company that specializes in planning conferences, events and operating high-quality international and domestic tours in Vietnam. Apart from planning and organizing events, VietnamEvents is also involved in event marketing - a work that requires a lot of effort, time and thought. 

The overall target in event marketing is to create and spread excitement and enthusiasm to the crowd. If you market in the right way, it will lead to greater growth, (possibly) bring more profits, and make your event more interesting. Let’s learn some of the ways of event marketing:

Marketing trong tổ chức sự kiện

1. Marketing through personal brand:

The most effective marketing is promoting the personal brand. That is why many events use social media, as it allows conversation and participation. When you share one status on facebook or twitter, the message is quickly passed to your followers (fans, friends, friends of friends...), while the cost is less than traditional media advertising costs, such as newspapers and radio.

2. Marketing on the website: 

You should highlight the upcoming event on the official website. The design and content of the website is the important source of information and brand identity when starting a marketing campaign.

3. Marketing through newsletters:

Newsletters can be understood as either printed or electronic newsletters. The more the combination of all types of the newsletter is, the greater the success in spreading the information about the event is.

4. Marketing through posters, flyers:

Flyers and posters help to raise awareness about events. Hang flyers and posters around your area and at high traffic destinations such as cafes, gyms, and business centers. Hand out them to customers and those who attend similar events.

5. Marketing through traditional media:

Very few people who read local newspapers or watch local news nowadays, but this is still a good marketing channel, especially for older customers.

6. Marketing through advertising:

Advertising is expensive and generally brings low return compared to other marketing channels.

7. Marketing through social channels:

Social channels such as Facebook and Twitter are very effective in raising awareness and creating excitement for events. You should post something related to an event once a week, and more often in the event week. You can ask your guests what they like most when attending events to get more followers. Besides, you also need to create a connection between your events by linking to one of your other blog posts.

8. Marketing through the community:

Finding a respected person in the community who may be the champion in event management - their efforts will be more effective than new ones. It's better to let other communities participate in the event: co-sponsor together, share ticket sales, promote their organization,...

VietnamEvents hopes these shares will be helpful in promoting your event!


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