Stage Set Styling

The stage is not only where the entertainment happens. It is collected from your event concept and the focal point of your guest’s attention. VietnamEvents combines with technical construction, set design and styling to make your event stage become special.


Synthesize your message with stage set styling and design

Taking your stage design to a whole new level with set styling

Stage set styling and design is closely connected to staging construction and set design. It is the functional and aesthetic choices behind digital banners wide screens, curved screens, lighting and the placement of the stage in relation to your audience. The styling of your stage is important to the flow and feel of your event. Because of the focal point, your stage should combine styling and branding into one coherent message.


Set the stage for your event with styling

Combining styling and design elements to craft the ultimate stage.

Great stage styling and design is a feature in itself! Our stylist’s work jointly with our technical and design teams to build stages which tie together your event concept in a way that is technically sound. With special combinations of digital banners, Event Backdrops and a designed lighting scheme your stage get the most vital part of your event. Not only is it projecting your talent, promoting your brand and attracting your audience, but also it can really go through scene changes to attract your audience from day to night.


VietnamEvents will make your stage the center of attention

We make stages worthy of the stars that fill them.

Providing lots of events each year, it is sure to say that there is no stage too big, too small or too awkward for us to create! Outdoor sporting events, rock concerts and corporate conferences are in our capabilities. We can deliver stages of various sizes or even custom build one for you. No matter the venue limitations, we can always make a stage – even if it is on water! When you partner with VietnamEvents, your stage will be designed to make the center of attention.



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