Thu Phuong – shining bright like a diamond in the music night: “Duong Cam dem Phuong” on Ha Long Bay

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Thu Phuong – shining bright like a diamond in the music night: “Duong Cam dem Phuong” on Ha Long Bay

In the evening of June 17th, Thu Phuong was presented at the very first special musical stage in Vietnam: a "minishow" by Vietnam Events staged on a luxury yacht that became a "floating theater" on Ha Long Bay. At the same time, the music night “Duong Cam dem Phuong” also marked the first collaboration between Thu Phuong with talented young musician Duong Cam.


The singer began the night with a series of familiar songs such as "Bien, noi nho va em",
"Bay di canh chim bien", "Bien can – Khi xua ta be", " Nhu chua bat dau”, “Giu lai hanh phuc”.


Thu Phuong expressed her music passion  while performing

In the midst of the immense scenery of Ha Long Bay, the singer had her “flying” moments with music. Here, Thu Phuong refered her as a daughter of the sea, therefore when singing songs about the sea - her hometown that brang true feelings, the closest and most vibrating to the singer herself. 


Towards the end of the show, Thu Phuong sang with all of her passion. She asked the audience to take off her high heels and tie dresses to perform. "I am a girl in a fancy skirt, but my essence is a guy. Because of my tough personality, I'm not afraid of challenging”.

Besides some hits that attached along with her career, Thu Phuong also improvised singing on demand of the audience several songs like "60 nam cuoc doi".


Duong Cam and Thu Phuong have many opportunities to meet in music events and feel the harmony in the taste of music of the partner.


When performing "Mong anh ve", Thu Phuong gave Duong Cam many compliments. She invited the music director to sing the last of the song he wrote.


Vietnam Events - the organizer of events, conferences and tourism was honored to be co-hosted the musical show: “Duong Cam dem Phuong”.

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