Unforgettable memories in the ceremony of Hoabinh Group 10 years Anniversary

Award Nights And Galadinners

Gala dinners or award nights are considered as important events. They are not just a formal ceremony, but also considered as an appreciation from the board to all employees that creates motivation, encouragement for those who have both contributions and dedication to the company and an occasion that brings them together.

Gala Dinner could be a combination form of tourism, or a year end party and dinner with entertainment: music, dance. 

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Unforgettable memories in the ceremony of Hoabinh Group 10 years Anniversary

On the 22nd of July, the Hoabinh Group 10 years Anniversary (2008-2018) was solemnly and jubilantly celebrated in Da Nang City. This was the big party of Hoabinh Group employees in the North - Central - South with the board of directors. Looking back to 10 years that is full of passion and dedication, everyone was proud and filled with emotion.
The whole party before opening ceremony
The celebration party was held at the New Orient Danang Hotel on the night of July 22nd, with great music, fashion shows from HBG staffs and laughter.
Ms. Pham Hoang Lan - CEO was delivering the speech at the opening ceremony
Speaking at the banquet, Ms. Pham Hoang Lan - CEO expressed her sincere appreciation to employees who have joined Hoabinh Group and shared their concerns to develop the company bigger in the future.
Board of directors cut cake together
Next was the cut cake ritual that celebrates the success of 10 years anniversary of Hoabinh Group. From the initial 4 members in 2008, Hoabinh Group now has a team of nearly 200 talented, young and dynamic members. The board of directors cut cake together and raised cups to begin the party.
Happy birthday Hoabinh Group 10 years old
On the main stage, staffs of HBG were honored and rewarded for their contribution to the company. Hoabinh Group as a second home where turns all the passion of the event, tourism management of young boys and girls into reality. 10 years is not too long but it is a journey with many difficult challenges, silent sacrifice and team effort.
Honor the Green Warriors of Hoabinh Group
Everyone celebrated the success of Hoabinh Group and shared their happy memories in 3 days 2 nights in Da Nang.
And cannot forget to mention about the special performances of dance, fashion show of the four team which are Blue Dragon, Victory, Fight - Win and Cong tac phi.
The  great voice of Tuan Hai – Event department was performing his song
Contemporary dancing performance
Dual singing performance
Victory Team - "We will win"
Fight-Win Team - "Victory"
Blue Dragon Team - "Destroy all"
Cong tac phi Team with the slogan "The more working time, the higher the fee"
All four teams were excellent and dedicated in each show. The prizes awarded to congratulate the teams: third prize: Victory Team and Cong tac phi Team, 2nd Prize: Blue Dragon Team and the First Prize was belong to the warriors of Fight - Win Team.
The third prize was granted for Victory team and Cong tac phi team
Blue Dragon Team won the second prize
The Fight - Win team conquered the first prize
Finally, the lucky draw for all participants stirred up the event atmosphere.
10 consolation prizes were awarded
The Khai - The conference department was the owner of Iphone 6
Quang Khai - The Care department won a Iphone 6 Plus Gold
Bich Phuong – The Tour department was lucky to get Iphone 7 Plus
Ms. Nguyen Thi Ly – The Accounting department with the Voucher of a vacation that is worth 10 million VND
The ceremony of Hoabinh Group 10 years anniversary has left unforgettable memories for all of members in this great family. This is also a milestone that opens up a new era of Hoabinh Group with many breakthroughs and successes.
Hoabinh Group 
The Hoabinh Group 10 years Anniversary celebrations ended successfully. Sincerely thank the Studio and Event Department and all the blue warriors of Da Nang office who silently contributed to the success of the party.
Representatives of Event & Studio department
Representatives of Danang office 
See you again in another exciting event of Hoabinh Group next time!


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