Why choose Vietnam Events to be your multilingual translation equipment supplier ?

Audio Visual Services

Define the standard of AV equipment service 

Vietnam Events provide award-winning audio visual solutions for corporate events. As the largest event services agency across Vietnam, we are your one-stop-shop for all your AV needs so you can sit back relax and let our dedicated technical teams do the rest. With the latest technology and over 30 years of experience combined with our creative minds, we’ll deliver your message in exciting ways you didn’t think possible. After all, it’s not just the story; it’s how you tell it.


Specialists in Audio Visual solutions for corporate events
Successful events start with great AV

At Vietnam Events, we believe in designing sensory experiences to create a truly successful event. By harnessing the power of audio visual equipment, we can create unforgettable environments through stimulating your attendee’s senses using cutting-edge visuals, sound, lighting and interaction. With over 10 years of experience in providing complete AV solutions, Vietnam Events has the technology, expertise, and creative edge to turn an ordinary event intro an extraordinary experience.

No matter where you are hosting your event, you can count on Vietnam Events to be there too. As the chosen in-house AV provider to many four and five star venues, our footprint extends right across almost provinces and big cities among the nation. 


A tailored AV approach to every event

No matter the size of your event, you can feel confident you’re in highly capable hands.

We take a tailored approach to your event and combine technical, styling, design and digital event solutions with other production elements, to deliver a seamless experience. From projectors, screens, plasmas and LED, through to the latest in playback, edge blending, high definition technologies and 3D projection mapping – your vision is brought to life by our skilled Audio Visual team.

Tried, tested and trusted AV equipment,  hand-picked for your event

 Vietnam Events uses only trusted brands and the best AV equipment we know will deliver. Our experienced technicians hand-pick and test all equipment to ensure our high quality standards are upheld every time. Being in the field for more than a decade, we know what equipment will best achieve the desired outcome and communicate your event’s message. We offer a variety of trusted AV equipment to suit your particular event needs, from cutting edge audio and vision systems right down to a basic microphone, projector.

Partner with our dedicated on-site Audio Visual team
Constant AV and technical support from day one. 

With Vietnam Events, you’ll never walk alone. We’ll be by your side from developing your idea, right down to last minute changes on show day. This mind-set is what helps us achieve our proven track record for producing unforgettable brand experiences, what sets us apart from other AV providers.


Audio Visual rental for your event

Get all of your AV needs from the one supplier.

With a large range of AV equipment, Vietnam Events is the perfect audio visual rental provider for your corporate event. Depending on the type of event you are planning, our expert team of AV technicians can tailor the best AV package to rent for your event. From projectors, screens, microphones, cameras and everything in between, you can count on us to provide you with everything you'll need. We can even be there on the day to install, operate and pack-down the equipment so you don't have to. 

Why choose Vietnam Events to be your multilingual translation equipment supplier ?

Vietnam Events is the address you should choose when you need to hire translation equipment. Because our equipment can meet all requirements of the customers.

Vietnam Events is a prestigious company in event industry

The first criteria for choosing supplier for translation equipment must be mentioned here is a prestigious company. A prestigious company is highly appreciated in the market today when providing services leasing equipment for festivals and events ... When you come to a reputable supplier, you will feel most secure. Because, we have break promise for any events, conferences and conventions. 

Modern rental translation equipment

When choosing to go to Vietnam Events, you will surely own the most quality multi language translation equipment in the industry. As a customer do not hesitate hiring the most modern translation equipment for your events to ensure the best quality.
Thanks to the modernity from products and prestige of the company, customers will benefits from them and secure conference happening successfully. You will definitely feel satisfied when coming to us. 

Advantages when renting multilingual translation equipment at Vietnam Events

When you hire multi language translation equipment from us, you will get the best benefits for your events. Because, we understand the difficulties you encounter when organizing events. With the best quality our translation equipment from prestigious supplier from the world, we ensure your events will be smoothly run, eliminating language barriers.
Our translation equipment renting price offered is really competitive which is 10 to 30% cheaper than the current market.

Our translation equipment is standard, high quality, synchronized and meet the maximum of your demand.  You can test the device before choosing to rent it to ensure quality when using it. You get a 50% discount when renting translation equipment if you use full event organizing package from us. We have abundant translation equipment which can meet the demand for large events or conferences.

When you hire our equipment, you will always receive enthusiastic advice from our staff to choose the most appropriate one. Our staff always explain to you how to use it to bring maximum efficiency to the event.

We  support the delivery of equipment to the event venue and opens a wide range of different payment methods. The process of renting equipment is simple, you just need to contact us and provide information the we will contact you soon...

Based on the above advantages , you have grasped why many customers choose Vietnam Events to use the service. We ensure your events and conferences will be successful with our device. 

Contact us for renting translation equipment +84 98 98 98 198



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