First German Christmas Market to Open at Cua Bac Church

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First German Christmas Market to Open at Cua Bac Church

On the occasion of the Noel 2017, the Germany Embassy organized the first Christmas market in Hanoi with some concerts in the front yard of Cua Bac church. Vietnam Events is pleased to provide booths, Christmas decorations, AV system at the event.

Before the opening hours (6 pm), many visitors had come to the market, creating the warm atmosphere of approaching Christmas season.

The Christmas market in Germany is usually held in large, open spaces and near the church, selling quality handmade products and Christmas specialties.

Therefore, the Goethe Institute Hanoi had come up with the idea of holding a German Christmas market in Hanoi. The 100-year-old Cua Bac church, the bell tower, colorful glass windows and a large campus filled with flowers were considered as an ideal location.

25 wooden booths and 20 tents with many items ranging from handicrafts to food, drinking water gave visitors more choices when coming to the market.

Mr. Wilfried Eckstein, Head of Goethe Institute, hoped that this will be a place for Vietnamese people as well as foreigners to experience a new and unique Christmas season.

At the opening of the market, a music group performed classic songs and popular international Christmas songs that attracted a large audience.

The food booth was always full of customers. Sausages and potato salad were chosen to buy by many people.

Between the booth, there is a table setting for guests to enjoy German cuisine.

The market also sold a variety of German wines, which can be bought at prices ranging from VND 60,000 to VND 100,000.

The market could not lack German beer made from barley. The brewery was packed with people.

This was also a chance for everyone to celebrate together with each other about their time in Germany.

Foreign tourists enjoyed this unique event.

Nguyen Thach Thao (Hanoi University student) said: "This is my first time to a unique Christmas market like this. Everything is not too big, but it makes me feel very warm".

Weather in Hanoi at the opening of the market was quite dry, the children came with parents to enjoy the early Christmas atmosphere.

Vietnam Events wishes everyone a warm Christmas season filled with happiness!



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