Where to the best quality stage lights in Hanoi ?


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Enjoy tailored lighting solutions operated by Vietnam Events experienced lighting technicians. We specialize in lighting for corporate events and using the latest technology, our experienced team will find the perfect solution for your event and stage lighting needs.


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Specialists in providing innovative and tailored event lighting solutions for over a decade.

Vietnam Events has been paving the way for event lighting design across Vietnam since 2008. We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing the very best lighting service for our clients and their events. For us, it's not about turning on a switch, it's about sparking a partnership with our clients that results in a perfectly customized lighting design that maximizes impact and creates an unforgettable atmosphere.

As the largest event services provider in Vietnam, we are your one-stop-shop for all your event lighting needs. 


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Extensive event lighting services to suit any occasion.

At Vietnam Events, we believe smart lighting design is fundamental for every event - from large conferences, styled gala dinners and interactive exhibitions down to small meetings and everything in between. We have extensive knowledge in using creative lighting design to transform spaces to match your theme, brand or even to go from conference to gala. Our in-house lighting designers are always looking for creative and innovative ways to tell a brand message and coupled with the experience and dedication of our production team - your options are limitless. 


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With over 10 years’ experience in delivering the best lighting solutions for live events across nation, Vietnam Events has the technical know-how and experience to ensure your message is delivered with the best impact.
Regardless of the size or location of your event, our extensive range of lighting solutions feature something to suit every occasion. Some common lighting services we offer, are:
Our partnership approach to event production means you benefit from the many years of experience our teams have acquired. We add value to your event by knowing what is required to achieve your objectives and can provide a complete solution that combines the very best in AV, staging, styling, multimedia and event technology to make your event shine.


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Experience is key when it comes to delivering live events. Vietnam Events takes great pride in partnering with brands to deliver some of the biggest and most technically demanding corporate events across the nation. Our experienced lighting operators are some of the best in the business, making us the preferred event production company for renowned local and international customers. Our extensive experience means we can deliver the best lighting solutions to match your brief, meeting any architectural elements of your venue and craft a truly unique lighting display.

Where to the best quality stage lights in Hanoi ?

Existing individuals or businesses, organizations regularly hold ceremonies, programs and events. In order to have a successful, successful event, it is indispensable for the event service equipment, including the spotlight. The light has the use of decoration, increasing the aesthetic for the event and can bring the meaning and the message that the organizers want to bring.

Recognizing the important role of stage lights, there are many rental units for stage lighting in the market. Vietnam Events is a professional unit providing top reputable Hanoi spotlights. Come to the unit, you will choose the right lamps for your program. Here are some popular stage lights provided by :

Moving head lights.
Laser lights.
Led light.
Par Led Lamp.
Other effect devices: Skyline lights, halogen lamps, flamethrowers, ...

Why should you choose to hire  stage lights by Vietnam Events?

Although there are many different units on the market, Vietnam Events is considered as the leading company because of its outstanding advantages to customers. The following advantages will help you partly explain why you should rent here.

Long-term operational experience

The unit has many years of operation in the field of event organization in general and rental of spotlights in particular. With these experiences, the unit always gives you the rental service that best suits the event you want to organize. This is clearly shown in the fact that Hoa Binh Group knows the number of lights, stage lights suitable for each stage and the size of the event.

Diverse, high quality light equipment


As mentioned above, Vietnam Events provides a full range of popular and popular stage lights that most events need such as Led lights, moving head lights, skyline lights, ... So you guys don't You need to worry about not being able to find a machine for lighting that matches the event. Moreover, these devices and machines have good quality, modern technology to ensure good and safe operation.

Professional technical team

The unit has a highly specialized assembly team with sufficient knowledge. Along with that, the lights adjustment staff have long-term working experience so you can be assured of ensuring proper lighting for the activities taking place in the event.

Above, we have provided you with a reputable Hanoi spotlight rental unit. Hoa Binh Events is not only a service provider for the event but also a leading address for organizing conferences, events and programs in Hanoi.

If you have any need related to the event, please contact the following hotlines +84 98 98 98 198


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